Chervin Jafarieh

Chervin is the visionary Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cymbiotika, a highly acclaimed wellness brand beloved by both wellness enthusiasts and individuals seeking optimal health.

With a deep passion for challenging conventional practices, Chervin is a respected health expert and mentor. His early exposure to top experts in health and philosophy sparked his commitment to sharing profound insights on a wide range of health-related topics, including Eastern and Western Medicine, orthomolecular medicine, epigenetics, nutrition, detoxification, biodynamic practices, and philosophy.

Beyond his expertise, Chervin is dedicated to mentoring world-ranked athletes in nutrition, elevating their performance to new heights. In 2021, he launched the enlightening podcast Wake the Fake Up, engaging with thought leaders from diverse fields to provide valuable personal growth insights.

As a lifelong student, Chervin continually pushes boundaries and holds a vision to empower individuals, helping them rediscover their innate power and reclaim their sovereignty.

Chervin pointing towards temple
How you do anything is how you do everything

Wake the Fake Up

Hosted by Chervin Jafarieh, Wake the Fake Up gives you the opportunity to sit in on insightful conversations with experts and thought leaders from around the world.