Wake the Fake Up

A New Wave of Dentistry: Oral Practices for Immunity with Dr. Valerie Kanter


In this episode Chervin and Valerie explore the myriad of false notions we've been trained to default to when it comes to oral health. Valerie opens us up to an entirely new world of oral care that considers the microbiome of the mouth to be one of the fundamental aspects of our overall physiology and wellbeing. She takes a pragmatic position on cosmetic dentistry and offers up some sage wisdom around not taking any permanent measures with regard to removing teeth or killing nerves before being absolutely certain that there is no potential for regeneration. Valerie also supports holistic parents with some great tips for helping your young one's practice proper oral hygiene, and the importance of making it fun. Chervin and Valerie also discuss the benefits of practices like tongue scraping, ozone therapy, using the right kind of water, and the truth about fluoride.


0:00 Intro

1:43 A New Wave of Dentistry

14:31 Standard vs. Holistic Dentistry

20:27 How to Approach Cosmetic Dentistry

29:11 Braces and Invisalign

31:29 Palette Expansion

32:44 Root Canals

47:19 Children’s Dentistry

52:41 Ozone

54:48 Tongue Scraping and Oil Pulling

57:57 Exotic Oral Care

1:00:05 Fluoride

1:03:05 Oxygen

1:04:23 Water in the Home

1:05:42 Conclusion


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