Wake the Fake Up

Complete Your Healing By Feeling with Adam Roa


This week we are graced with the presence of artist, poet and guide Adam Roa. In this episode Adam and Chervin discuss childhood emotional programming and how to go on the journey in a real way in order to bring your healed self back to your family and allow the karmic loops to be completed for good. Adam breaks down his understanding of the simulation to show us that the rules of life never change but the pacing of technology is making it difficult for us to keep up with the increasing complexity of the external world. They also discuss the illusions that are created by the social media world and how imperative it is that we all learn to develop our intuitive discernment in order to break out of the spell that's been cast over society.


0:00 Intro

2:30 Completing Family Karma

15:17 Balanced Personal Development

27:34 The Rules of the Simulation

31:38 Exposure to Too Many Realities

36:19 Social Media Does Not Validate Expertise

42:43 Developing Discernment

47:40 Creativity and Curiosity

1:00:23 We’re Here to Feel

1:12:49 Conclusion: Adam’s Poem “Heaven”


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