Wake the Fake Up

Discovering Purpose by Mastering Intention - with Chervin Jafarieh


Join Chervin Jafarieh, the thought-provoking voice behind Wake the Fake Up, in a soul-stirring solo episode as he delves into the realm of intentional living and purpose discovery. Ever wondered, "How do I live with intention?" Chervin unravels this complex question, guiding listeners on the quest to find their practice, aligning actions with beliefs, and uncovering one's true purpose in life. Exploring key concepts of discernment and challenging personal perceptions, Chervin invites a deep introspection into the root of our beliefs and their impact on our daily thoughts and actions. Are you truly living in your Dharma, your life's purpose? Navigate the intricate path towards intentional living as Chervin shares daily strategies, empowering listeners to question their beliefs, redefine perceptions, and embrace a life in harmony with their true values. Don't miss this illuminating episode as Wake the Fake Up presents a transformative conversation, equipping you with tools to live more intentionally. Tune in, challenge your beliefs, and redefine your path towards a purpose-driven life.


00:00:00 - Intro & Going Deeper Into The Channels of Chervin's Mind & Heart

00:00:45 - Defining What Is "Intention" The Word Magic

00:04:28 - Creating Awareness Around Our Perceptions & Where Our Beliefs Are Defined

00:10:12 - Entertainment & Social Media Creating A Dissociative Culture

00:15:01 - Daily Practices To Building Up Self Love and Create Momentum

00:19:15 - Creating A Space to Operate In Your Authentic Freedom

00:22:15 - Mastering The Root Faculty of Intuition & Conclusion


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