Wake the Fake Up

Embracing The Pain Of The Past with Sophia Esperanza


"We are not defined by the pain of the past, in fact, there is a way to embrace who we once were in order to step fully into who we are becoming." Get ready for a raw and vulnerable conversation where Sophia shares some of the shadows of her past and how each choice shaped her for who she is today.Meet our guest Sophia Esperanza, an animal rights activist, conscious creator and budding farmer. She’s amassed an online presence through many mediums over the years. Transitioning from a career as a model; she’s shifted the focus of her life to reflect her heart and purpose. What’s come since that decision has been : -The founding of an online plant-centric recipe space, called Elbows on the Table -The creation of Test of Time Vintage with her husband Petrice Jones -Diving into the world of biodynamic, regenerative and organic farming techniques -Sharing her journey through YouTube, to document her version of becoming an Earth Steward More than ever; she feels it necessary to challenge thought, perspective, societal / cultural norms - while safeguarding precious freedoms and sovereignty. She believes true freedom comes from reconnecting to our divine truth and being able to walk in our absolute authenticity. In love.



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