Wake the Fake Up

Exploring Consciousness and the 44th Gene Key - with Richard Rudd & Elijah Parker


Immerse yourself in a unique and transformative experience as our host, Chervin Jafarieh, sits down for an enlightening tea ceremony with special guests Richard Rudd and Elijah Parker from Gene Keys. Together, they explore the intricate depths of the 44th gene key, offering profound insights into consciousness, teamwork, and the shadow of interference. The trio delves into the implications of this gene key, shedding light on its impact on individual and collective consciousness. The conversation takes a contemplative turn as they unravel the complexities of teamwork and collaboration, all against the backdrop of a pu’er tea ceremony. Discover how the principles of the 44th gene key can be applied to enhance collaboration and foster deeper connections in your personal and professional life. In the midst of sipping tea and sharing wisdom, the trio fearlessly confronts the shadows associated with the 44th gene key. Together, they provide valuable tools and perspectives on navigating interference and overcoming obstacles on the path to personal growth and unity.


00:00:00 Introduction

00:05:01 The 44th Key As A Tool And Pu'er Tea Ceremony

00:10:52 What Is A Shadow And Why Interference

00:15:45 Harnessing Our Love And Teamwork

00:20:25 Karmic Relationships And The Interference Frequency

00:25:57 Karmic Looping And The Shadow of Interference

00:31:07 The Awakened Illuminated Essence Between The Keys

00:35:18 Bursting Through Into Higher Conciousness

00:40:56 Antagonizing Our Immune System So Genetic Markers Can Switch On

00:47:06 The Higher And Lower Frequencies Are Necessary

00:50:43 Amino Acids And There Dynamic Purpose

00:55:16 Identifying And Softening To Interference Patters

01:00:05 Pausing And The Potential For Quantum Leaps

01:02:04 Conclusion


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