Wake the Fake Up

Exploring The Intelligence and Consciousness of Water with Veda Austin


On this week's episode of Wake The Fake Up, Chervin sits with water researcher, Veda Austin who has been observing and photographing water over the last 10 years. Join us as we unravel the secrets of water's memory, the power of symbology, and its connection to our inner selves. From the healing experiences with water to the mystical properties attributed to it, this episode explores the multifaceted relationship between water and consciousness.


00:00:00 - Introduction &

00:00:30 - Water: A Spiritual Observer

00:05:26 - Exploring the Mysteries of Water

00:11:03 - The Mysterious Visions

00:16:26 - Testing for Fourth Phase Water

00:21:41 - The Healing Power of Water

00:27:21 - The Power and Energy of Words

00:33:14 - The Universal Language of Water

00:38:59 - The Wisdom of Children and the Sacredness of Water

00:45:01 - The Connectedness of Water and Consciousness

00:50:29 - The Connection between Movement and Life

00:56:06 - The Importance of Water Quality

01:02:01 - The Fourth Phase Water

01:07:44 - Conclusion


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