Wake the Fake Up

From Epic Loss to Grounded Euphoria: A Pilgrimage of Healing w/ Ricki Lake


Embark on a riveting journey with Chervin and Ricki Lake, former actress and talk show host turned executive producer, as they discuss the synchronicities in life, home birthing, and finding true bliss even after painful loss. This emotionally charged odyssey culminates as Ricky shares her experience of the highs and lows of a her late husband Christian's bipolar disorder and eventual suicide along with her first hand account of witnessing the September 11th Attacks from the roof of her apartment. They also explore Ricki's newfound love with her husband Ross and the grounded euphoria she is currently experiencing in life.


00:00:00 - Intro

00:04:59 - Bliss, Chaos, and Synchronicities

00:09:29 - The Connection and Hypersynchronicity in Life

00:10:04 - Ricki's Experience During Her Talk Show Years

00:19:26 - When Ricki & Her Family Witnessed the 9/11 Attacks

00:24:05 - Home Birthing and The Importance of Connecting to the Birth Experience

00:29:33 - The Business of Being Born

00:37:48 - Finding Purpose & Personal Transformation through Pain & Trauma

00:42:15 - Miraculous Medicine Journeys through Ayahuasca

00:46:01 - Marriage to Christian, His Manic Episode and Its Aftermath

00:52:47 - The Impact of Loss and Healing

00:58:24 - Grounded Euphoria & Finding Love Again with Ross

01:01:48 - Malibu Home & Finally Feeling Safe

01:05:30  - Synchronicity of Covid & Meeting Ross

01:08:04 - Conclusion


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