Wake the Fake Up

Living in Authenticity & Choosing Yourself with Blu


In this captivating episode of the "Wake The Fake Up" podcast, Chervin engages in a profound conversation with the enigmatic guest, Blu, as they embark on a journey through the cosmos of self-discovery and authenticity. From the very start, they explore the concept of choosing oneself in the vast universe, delving into the power of deep listening and reverence. Throughout the episode, they touch on topics such as embracing authenticity, unlearning false identities, and the transformative practice of embodiment. With empathy as their compass, they navigate the terrains of social anxiety, unresolved grief, and the shamanic realm, ultimately discovering the profound energy of gratitude and self-awareness that permeates every aspect of life. "Wake The Fake Up Chapters" invites listeners to embrace their true selves and honor their needs, all while recognizing the beauty in the dance between resonance and dissonance, making this episode a captivating exploration of the human experience.


00:00:00 - Intro & Choosing Ourselves in the Universe00:05:20 - Authenticity and Holding Space for Truth00:10:40 - Living in Authenticity and Freedom00:15:46 - Unlearning and Personal Growth00:21:06 - Overcoming False Identities and Practicing Self-Transformation00:29:04 - Living with Full Devotion00:31:28 - The Power of Listening and Being Present00:36:50 - The Practice of Completion and Self-Love00:39:48 - Using Fear as a Teacher00:42:38 - Navigating the World with Social Anxiety00:51:03 - The Loneliness of Hearing Loss00:56:07 - Choosing Myself and Honoring My Needs00:58:53 - Resonance vs Dissonance01:06:38 - Tapping into Unresolved Grief01:15:50 - The Shamanic Realm and Energetic Hygiene01:18:58 - Gratitude, Self-Awareness, and Love01:21:55 - Conclusion


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