Wake the Fake Up

Orgasmic Birth with Amber Hartnell


Amber Hartnell is a mystic muse, evolutionary catalyst and creative alchemist who ceaselessly rides the unfurling crest of personal and collective evolution, inspiring connection and innovation in all she engages with. She is known throughout the world for her ecstatic birthing experiences which have been instrumental in fueling a revolution in birth, and her transformational work facilitating individuals and organizations.  As a muse and guide, Amber supports those she works with to directly experience the fullness of their potential and embody their function by catalyzing their evolutionary process, helping them to align in coherence with their unique blueprint, thus activating latent potential and gaining greater access to their natural creative Essence.  She was instrumental in the forming of The Resonance Project Foundation (now Resonance Science Academy) developing the local and global community centered around the organization and is co-founder of the Temple of Wholeness, a 501(c)(3) organization. Amber fundamentally lives and breathes in service to revealing the Wholeness and Beauty at the heart of all she touches.



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