Wake the Fake Up

Reawakening Humanity’s Role in the Dance of Nature - Dr. Zach Bush


Dr. Zach Bush and Chervin dive deep on a journey into the microcosm of individual health and the macrocosm of the health of the planet. From what's required at the cellular level to what's required at the level of soil, air and and water, Zach breaks down the necessity of proper water and carbon cycles for the health of any living organism. Zach's message reminds us that every species matters, every species is here to enrich the biodiversity and the intelligence of the planet and that humans are here to experience just enough disconnection, through the five senses, to bear witness to the majesty of nature.


0:00 Intro

3:24 Zach’s View of Life

9:22 Mitochondria and Disease

19:09 Nutrition and Soil Health

29:07 The Journey out of Academia

35:15 Natural Law and Biodiversity

50:17 How Humans Were Designed

1:14:22 Disrupting Earth’s Circuitry

1:24:53 We Need CO

21:31:18 Revitalizing Africa

1:48:48 Conclusion


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