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s Your Water Dehydrating You - The Impact of Water Quality w/ Chervin Jafarieh


In this solo session we take a deep dive into the elixir of life – water! Our host, Chervin Jafarieh, a seasoned spring water hunter, shares his profound knowledge of the healing properties of water and the hidden energies it holds. Join us as Chervin unravels the secrets of spring water, discussing the art of sourcing water in its purest form and the transformative impact it can have on our well-being. As a passionate advocate for water quality, Chervin explores the subtle energies that make water more than just a mere liquid; it's a conduit for healing, vitality and one of the main pillars of health. In this episode, we'll explore Chervin's insights into the energetic qualities of water and how its molecular structure can influence our health on a profound level. Discover the fascinating world of water through the eyes of a true enthusiast who has dedicated his life to understanding its essence. Chervin will also guide us on the path to proper hydration. Learn practical tips, strategies, and the science behind achieving optimal hydration levels. Whether you're a wellness warrior or just curious about the wonders of water, this episode promises to be an enlightening and interactive experience.


00:00:00 - Intro And Getting Off Of Tap Water

00:01:24 - Clarity On How To Approach Water

00:04:43 - Spring Water Hunting

00:10:12 - Implosionary Energy And The Frequency Of Water

00:15:32 - Bathing In Water And Using A Filter

00:19:15 - Taking Hold Of The Water That's Going On And In Your Body

00:25:24 - Stimulating Your Water And Turing It Back On

00:25:24 - Conclusion And Recommended Authors


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