Wake the Fake Up

The Foundation for High Performance Athletics - with Mike Salemi


Join us as we dive deep into the world of Fatherhood and Men's Work with our beloved friend and brother Mike Salemi. In this episode, Chervin and Mike venture into the intricate world of holistic movement, biomechanics, and the body as an interconnected system. Mike helps create awareness around living in integrity and the health of the body as a reflection of that. He discusses his work in retracing the movement of one part of the body from infant development and how a correction of the foundational movement creates a cascade of benefits to all parts of the body. Discover how Mike's insights on bringing the mind back to your physical body can transform your life and increase your athletic performance. Plus, don't miss out on the fascinating discussion about ELDOA movements that will revolutionize your well-being.


00:00:00 - Intro & Life Becoming More Accessible With Increased Body Movement

00:03:10 - Fatherhood Is Everything

00:10:20 - Competitive Athletics And Having A Circle of Mentors

00:15:18 - Weightlifting Sport and Holistic Movement

00:20:46 - Recovering From Injury

00:25:19 - Imbalance Between Tonic System and Phasic System

00:30:18 - What Is Collectively Missing From The Health And Fitness World

00:35:03 - Essentials For Optimum Health

00:39:00 - The ELDOA Practice

00:45:11 - Fine Tuning And Making Micro Adjustments To Create More Access

00:50:30 - The Best Time To Stretch Or Do Your ELDOA Practice

00:55:19 - ELDOA's And Masculine Embodiment

01:00:40 - Men's Work Connection & Open Honest Communication

01:05:22 - Working To Support More Men

01:10:08 - Grounding Baby Using Vibratory Tones

01:14:49 - What Is A Father's Role Beyond Creating A Safe Home

01:16:07 - Conclusion


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