Wake the Fake Up

The Fundamentals for Healthy Love and Relationships with Mark Groves


Meet Mark Groves: Human Connection Specialist, founder of Create the Love and Mine'd and host of the Mark Groves Podcast. In other words, he's a speaker, writer, motivator, creator and collaborator. Mark's work bridges the academic and the human, inviting people to explore the good, the bad, the downright ugly, and the beautiful sides of connection. His purpose? To empower individuals to step into their power, transform the way they relate to themselves and others, and create authentic change for a life + love they’ll look back on with a resounding “f*ck yes! Join Chervin and Mark as they deep dive into what it takes to build a strong and lasting relationship. Get your pen and paper ready. This episode is packed full of keys and introspective questions that help you create the framework for finding your truth and living a life filled with love and deeper connection to self and others.



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