Wake the Fake Up

The Hidden Medicine of Cold Plunge - with Plunge Founders Ryan & Michael


This episode is a deep exploration of the transformative power of Cold Plunge and the intentional choices that can reshape your life, lead by our host Chervin Jafarieh and soul brothers - Plunge Founders - Ryan Duey & Michael Garret. Learn the ancient secrets of transformation as the trio discuss the power of consistency with cold plunge—an authentic medicine for the mind and body, paying homage to the elemental power of water. Explore the importance of getting uncomfortable and how embracing the cold plunge can create a level of flexibility and malleability in various aspects of your life. Chervin discusses his favorite part of cold submersion, and how it’s an intentional choice to push your comfort zone. Unlocking your being to higher levels of thinking and a greater capacity to tap into your emotional and spiritual response by way of pattern interruption, a total reboot in who, why, and where you are.


00:00:00 - Intro And Extreme Elemental Switches & Pattern Interruption

00:01:50 - From Garage To Glory The Plunge Origin Story

00:05:03 - Michael's Journey & Building Expertise

00:09:50 - Ryan's Founder Journey

00:14:21 - Shark Tank & Navigating The Entrepreneurial Waters 00:21:11 - When The Science Of Cold Therapy Really Kicked In

00:25:13 - Two Minutes Of Cold Plunge Therapy Can Have Have A Massive Transformation

00:29:15 - Viktor Schauberger And The Implosionary Energy Of Water

00:35:20 - How Cold Plunge Is Impacting Communities

00:39:25 - Practicing Self Love And Regulating

00:45:19 - Nobody Is Coming To Save You This Is Your Dharma

00:45:19 - Conclusion and Sasquatch


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