Wake the Fake Up

The Price Paid For Becomming an NFL Athlete with Eben Britton


Ex- NFL Athlete Eben Britton recaps the story of his childhood dream coming true, and the price to pay for loosing oneself in the pursuit of that dream. #WaketheFakeUp #Cymbiotika #chervin333 Eben Britton Ex-NFLer turned Mystic, Eben Britton is a truth seeker driven by a deep passion to inspire people to live in their highest greatness. Everything is connected and everything matters, from the particle to the whole, the individual to the tribe. Britton lives his life from the heart felt understanding that we are all linked at the quantum level. His journey out of football took him deep into the heart of plant medicine and meditation, leading him to the outer limits of self- exploration. He now finds himself at the center of his purpose - a champion of the people. Britton lives in Los Angeles with his family. 



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