Wake the Fake Up

Transforming Your Shadow & Activating Your Potential - with Richard Rudd


In this captivating episode, Chervin and Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys, delve into the wisdom of contemplation, magic, interconnected patterns and the awakening of your intrinsic genius. Discover what it means to unlock your Genius as Richard uncovers the significance of the 55th Gene Key and the exceptional change we are evolving towards. Richard explains how to use the practice of pausing in contemplation to unlock hidden capabilities allowing yourself the spaciousness to transform your shadow, activating your potential! Explore the convergence of science and magic, the rise of deceit, and the cyclic nature of human evolution. Journey with us as we navigate the complex landscape of our evolving world including the dangers of artificial intelligence and the importance of preserving our authentic human experience. Are you ready for this transformative ceremony? Join us on this profound journey!



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